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Discover a diverse range of high-performance drill bits tailored for your operations. Explore our selection for top-quality tools engineered for precision and durability in demanding environments.


GDS Monster (1.70”-4.75”)

The GDS Monster PDC Bit is a USA built and specially designed for overall frac plug milling in oil and gas wells.

The all new 3, 4 , 6 or 8blade design using USA manufactured premium cutters produces very small cuttings while drilling multiple mill results.

Mudbug (3.5”-4.75”)

The Mudbug PDC Bit is your go-to solution for efficient drilling in soft to medium-hard formations. With its innovative design, Full Bore Circulation and synthetic diamond cutters, the Mudbug delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring smooth drilling operations every time.

GDS Lightning (3.5”- 4.875”)

The GDS Lightning line of Matrix PDC Bits are specially designed for vertical, directional or horizontal applications with rotary or positive displacement motor in medium-soft to medium-hard formations with abrasive and occasional firm stringers. Best for Drilling Cement


Epiroc Open Bearing (2.875” - 7.875”)

The Epiroc Open Bearing tricone milling bit is a robust and high-performance tool designed for efficient drilling operations in various geological formations. Featuring an open bearing design, this tricone bit is engineered to withstand heavy loads and extreme drilling conditions while maintaining optimal performance and durability.

Gemini Drilling Solution (GDS) Open Bearing (1.875” - 7.875”)

Meet the GDS Open Ball Bearing Bit, engineered to excel in drilling medium to medium-hard formations including limestones, dolomites, hard shales, and sandstones.

With its cutting-edge design, the GDS Open Ball Bearing features short, closely spaced “A” type gage teeth with a medium skewed design, ensuring superior penetration even in the toughest formations.

GDS Pitbull HT Sealed Motor Bearing (3.5”-4.875”)

The GDS PitBull is equipped with our specialized journal friction bearing package, comprising silver-plated journal bearings and thrust washers, along with a specifically engineered 450°F HNBR Seal.

It also includes a grease reservoir and pressure system, synthetic rock bit lubricant, tungsten carbide jet nozzle, tungsten carbide hard face, and TCI insert protection on the leg and shirttail, all as standard features.

This bit is meticulously designed with long A-shaped teeth, generously spaced and fully hard-faced on all sides, incorporating our pelletized tungsten carbide rod for optimal performance.

Epiroc HT Sealed Motor Bearing (3.5” – 6.75”)

Sizes: 3 5/8″-6 3/4″
Standard pin connections: 2 3/8″ API, 2 7/8″ API, 3 1/2″ API, 4 1/2″ API

drag bits

Chrevron (1.75” – 8.75”)

Available in sizes 1.70” to 12 1/4”
Number of blades:  3
Standard Pin connections:  4THD N Rod,1″MT, 1.5″MT,  2 3/8” API, 2 7/8” API, 3 1/2” API, 4 1/2” API

Step Drag bits (1.75” – 8.75”)

Available in sizes 1.70” to 12 1/4”
Number of blades:  3
Standard Pin connections:  4THD N Rod,1″MT, 1.5″MT,  2 3/8” API, 2 7/8” API, 3 1/2” API, 4 1/2” API

Oil & gas

Chomp (1.75”- 6.875”)

The Chomp Bit boasts specially crafted domed inserts to ensure optimal durability during milling operations on materials like cast iron, various metals, or a blend of cement and metal.

Please note that the Chomp Mill is not suitable for drilling into new formations.

Bearclaw (1.75”- 6.875”)

The Bear Claw Bit was purposefully engineered with sizable chisel inserts to deliver exceptional Rate of Penetration (ROP) during cement milling tasks.

Please note that the chisel-shaped inserts are not advised for drilling into new formations or for milling metal.

Ardvark (1.75”- 6.875”)

The Aardvark Tapered Mill is your ideal solution for a wide range of drilling tasks, particularly when dealing with multiple high-pressure plugs and cemented pipe scenarios. Its versatility extends to milling operations involving both cement and cast iron, providing reliable performance across diverse applications.

Please note that the Aardvark Bit is not suitable for drilling into new formations.

Hurricane (1.75”- 6.875”)

The Hurricane Bit is highly recommended for efficient milling of cement and composite plugs. For milling cast iron, it’s advised to opt for the Hurricane Mill specifically designed for metal applications.

Featuring domed inserts on the outer diameter for enhanced durability and chisel inserts in the inner rows for accelerated penetration.

Please note that the Hurricane Mill is not suitable for drilling into new formations.